“Modern Rustic” WEDDING DECOR INSPIRATION of Lucky & Ericia by Elior Design

Whether you are going to opt for big or smaller wedding stage, the most important thing to consider is the theme. This time we combined rustic elements such as dried leaves (yes, it’s still everyone’s favorite until now), geometrical forms, and vertical lines. We also played with different materials by combining wood, metal, and transparent sheets. Combining panels that have different materials and different heights with neon sign was totally acceptable! Personalized neon sign is probably one of the most popular ways nowadays to bring your personality the big day. This pretty addition really brings out a very nice and romantic ambience at night. There is no better wedding than one that reflects the couple’s character, so sometimes we need to convince our clients to stay true to themselves when deciding on a wedding theme instead of just following the trend. That’s why we never say no to any wedding themes or styles although they sound “outdated” and not currently trending, if that’s what represents our clients’ character, then we’ll always give it a go and of course, kick it up a notch in our way! Do you know that incorporating fabrics the right way can really level up your wedding? The photos can look better, the ambience can look more exciting, and more dynamic depends on how you want it to be. That’s why we currently have been exploring this particular material, be it hung, loosely attached, stretched, printed, almost anything is possible.

Video by : @jerijer @jjeremiaa
Gedong Putih
January 11th, 2020

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