How to make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers. DIY faux flower bouquet

Since this video I have made several bridal bouquets and really enjoy it! Making your own wedding bouquet does not need to be difficult or stressful. You have the power to choose your own flowers and colors, as well as lace and how large you want the arrangement to be. I love the way this one turned out regardless of some of my struggles.

My main suggestion, which i stated several times in the video, is to have a hot glue gun on hand. A hot glue gun makes this so much easier and a faster process. I would suggest playing with different color shades in the store before you buy so you can have an idea of how you want it to come together. I knew I wanted purples and greens in this arrangement to give a rustic feel and it turned out great!

If you prefer not to make your own I offer custom arrangements as well as premade ones that you can browse at

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