How To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Learn how to preserve your wedding bouquet flowers so they look beautiful and last a lifetime with Donna from Cherished Memories

Some memories are so special you want to hold onto them forever!

At Cherished Memories Flower Preservation – we work with you one on one to preserve your wedding or sympathy flowers
AND create a unique keepsake to treasure those memories you hold dear.

Other preservation companies offer this service with a time frame of 6 to 8 months or longer.
We can do it in 8 to 10 weeks time
why wait!!

Our preservation process ensures you will have your flowers to treasure for years to come.

Here’s what happens during our Preservation Process

To begin the process you must schedule an appointment to reserve space in our drying trays and discuss your project.
This can be done online.
Once the drying fee is paid, we’re ready to begin the preservation process.

Bring the flowers to us no more than 2 to 3 days after the event.

Make sure you Keep your flowers in water and in cool place until you can get them to us.
For wedding bouquets, place the bouquet in a vase that is filled to the top with water.
Do not worry about the ribbon getting wet.

NEVER put your flowers in the freezer!!!!
This will turn them brown!

First, we measure, inspect and photograph your flowers from several
angles to create an accurate record of the bouquet

Then we methodically
disassemble the bouquet.

Don’t worry, we’ll put it back together

Then rehydrate and pretreat each flower individually to help them maintain their original color and shape.

The individual flowers are placed into drying trays with a silica gel mixture to dry for 6 weeks

While your flowers are drying you can select the style,
provide us with any items you want included in your keepsake,
and make your payment at least two weeks prior to completion of the drying process.

Once the flowers finished drying they are removed from the tray,
cleaned and processed.

By this time, we need to have your keepsake design selected
and have any additional items you want included with your flowers.

We have a number of keepsake options

to choose from:

Glass Domes with a finished wooden base
great for table and mantle display.

Museum Quality Frames
These frames are manufactured for the specific purpose of preservation
and come in a variety of colors and sizes

Unfinished Frames
These frames are handmade by local craftsmen to meet our specific standards for flower preservation.

We offer a variety of color options to custom finish your frame.

Prior to framing,
your flowers are individually preserved using commercial grade sealants that help protect your flowers from damage caused by moisture & UV Rays, and from color fading.

Our artists will also use tints to enhance and preserve your colors.
All of this is
included in the framing price.

Then we finish the frame or shadow box with the finish and embellishments you’ve specified.

Your flowers are then re-assembled
along with your additional keepsakes if you’ve provided any.

The frame is sealed with silicone to ensure maximum life of your flowers.

That’s it.
Your keepsake is ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

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