How to Make a Wedding Bouquet: Bridal Bouquet Tutorial with my Wedding Florist

In this video, my wedding florist, Corina of The Botaniste gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to arrange a bridal bouquet perfect for a harvest slash autumnal bride, with bleached and fresh flowers and different accouterments. Corina also gives tips and tricks on how to use different greens and flowers to make sure your hand-tied bridal bouquet stays fresh and gorgeous during your big day!

This video accompanies the “Wedding Flower Crash Course” on the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast. If you’ve been following my Botanically Inspired Wedding Series on the Bloom and Grow pod, this is the final installment of the special series episodes centered around the intersection of all things plants and weddings.

Listen to Episode 142 of Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast for the whole Wedding Flower Crash Course!

00:32 Introducing Corina
02:42 Start with your bridal bouquet base
04:06 Adding greens to your bouquet
05:31 How to use hydrangeas in your bridal bouquet
07:28 Adding statice to your bouquet
08:32 How to add texture and height to your bouquet
10:30 Combining spray roses with other flowers
10:47 Using anemone flowers
13:10 Why there’s no such thing as ‘bridezilla’
15:12 Using extra greens to your wedding flowers
15:54 Where to place ranunculus in your bouquet
17:40 Editing your bouquet
20:28 How to wrap your bridal bouquet
22:16 Hand-tying a burlap ribbon to your bouquet
24:53 Final look of the DIY bouquet
25:28 Maria’s bridal bouquet

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