ASMR Wedding Glam Makeup on Mannequin – Ft. Perfect Diary (whispered)

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Huge Thanks to @perfectdiaryofficial for sending me over their amazing products for this wedding makeup on mannequin video! I still have a few more products of theirs to show you, so make sure you are subscribed with notifications on to not miss out on future content!
Please enjoy this relaxing asmr wedding glam makeup on mannequin video!



00:00 Perfect Diary Foundation Application
03:10 Perfect Diary Discovery Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Presentation
04:19 Snowland Shade
05:25 Earth Shade
07:09 Swamp Shade
08:25 Feather Shade
09:25 Beak Shade
14:31 Sunlight Shade
15:30 Fog Shade
17:25 Reed Cutkins Shade
19:02 Sunlight Shade
19:23 Black Eyeliner
20:28 Falsies Application
21:20 Perfect Diary Fixing Powder
22:06 Perfect Diary Translucent Highlighter Cupid 05
23:02 Perfect Diary Lipstick Application
25:37 Cristian Dior Highlighter

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