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What to Wear to a Wedding As A Guest – DO’s & DON’Ts for Proper Attire + Outfit Suggestions For Men

For a more comprehensive guest attire guide: https://gentl.mn/what-to-wear-as-a-wedding-guest

The number one rule as a wedding guest is that you never ever want to overshadow either the bride or the groom.

Basically, you tone it down. You don’t wear wild colors, you don’t wear bold patterns or accessories like a top hat or something that makes maybe other people uncomfortable or something that is decidedly dapper than what the groom is wearing.

If the wedding is an evening event, it’s going to be more formal than a day event. As a man, you can wear a dark suit either a navy or charcoal.

Traditionally, you should always have some form of neckwear.

Definitely, avoid monochrome looks because it looks odd and there’s not enough contrast. Your best bet for a wedding is a crisp white dress shirt although light blue may work as well.

If you get an invitation that does not stipulate a dress code, please reach out to your host and ask them what would make them feel comfortable or what they expect.

The most formal one you can find today is probably black tie. Most of the time in the US, you’ll see black tie optional. That means you can wear black tie on some with the black bowtie.

Another popular dress code for wedding is cocktail attire, it basically means you have a dark suit or suit has little sparkle or something special, a little more of a pop of color, a little louder than the business suit and you can wear a dress shirt, you can wear a tie, something that is still formal but just with a little more fun.

If your wedding is an outer event or in a garden setting and it’s during the summer, you can wear lighter colors but the best thing is to ask your host to get an idea of what kind of dress they want, And what kind of event it is.

When it comes to accessories, apart from the tie, a pocket square is really fantastic because it elevates your outfit, it’s very easy to fold, just takes a few seconds, and just underlines the event and its importance.

White Carnation Boutonniere – https://gentl.mn/2q8pq0l
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