How To Make Fabric Bridal Bouquet From Scratch

In this easy to follow tutorial video I show you how to make a artificial floral bridal bouquet with fabric satin roses from start to finish. Watch this video and learn how to create satin roses bridal bouquet from scratch: how to make bouquet holder from scratch from simple materials that can be purchased in dollar store or any craft stores. We will show how to hand made satin roses from satin fabric, no sewing mashing stitching required. Fast and easy craft. #WeddingFlowers #ArtificialFlowers #DoItYouself #flowers #FloralDesign #FabricFlowers
Everlasting bouquet that can be kept after the wedding for memory of the special day and can be reused by next generation. Bouquet is washable. Jewellery can be customised and all the materials are easy to find. I just need a piece of white and light purple satin. I myself will make roses for the bouquet by hand in the old proven way. To begin with, I need to cut strips about 8-9cm wide along an oblique line. I do this by eye, since in the finished Rose these errors will not be noticeable, but on the contrary, they will give naturalness. It is rational to do this in order to save
time. I also determine the length of the strip by eye, because in a natural bouquet, roses can be of different sizes. The longer the strip I select, the larger the rose head will turn out. Accordingly, the shorter the less. I cut a length of about 50-60 cm. If the fabric is cut along an oblique line, it acquires special elasticity, and when it is folded in half and sewn on, it forms a wavy edge and, when assembling the rose, naturally imitates the petals. The same effect is given not only by satin, but also silk and chiffon. I will be making roses in my arms in this video for simplicity. But if you are interested in speed, we have a video on the channel about how to make such roses from fabric on a sewing machine. See the link below. On my hands, I just fold the strips in half and ask in large stitches Just to secure the fabric folded in half. I make a bartack at the end. And I begin to fold the rose in a free way. Rose petals are literally formed by themselves due to the effect of diagonally cut fabric. Then I sew the bottom of the rose with a thread
and a needle and wrap and glue the remaining edge of the rose with a heat gun. It is also possible, if time permits, to secure the edge with a blind seam.I will need a styrofoam ball about 25 cm in diameter in order to make a bouquet holder. I’ll just cut it in half. Then I cut out some wooden sticks and stick them in the middle of the foam hemisphere. And although they sit tightly, I fix them a little with a heat gun at a minimum temperature so that the foam does
not melt. All work with the glue gun must be done at a minimum temperature. I fix the leg with an elastic band. I cut out a piece of organza to size and wrap the entire holder in it. Then I decorate the handle of the bouquet with a ribbon and an elastic band. Then, using a satin ribbon with wire edges, I fold the leaves and glue them to the
bottom of the holder in order to close the bottom and at the same time form the circumference of the bouquet imitating the leaves of roses. I cut pieces of the same length for convenience and wrap them with a corner then glue
them. I use the remaining small piece to cover the tip of the handle and simply secure it with an elastic band. Then, from the bottom up, I wrap the entire handle with white tape and fix it at the very top with glue. On top of the serpentine I place a ribbon with pebbles or a ribbon with rhinestones and secure it with pearl pins. Then, from the
center, I begin to glue the roses, alternating them in a checkerboard pattern. Artificial flowers, fillers or other decoration can be placed between the roses. You need to hold the roses a little with your hand,
as the hot glue sets slowly and the roses can fall off. Then I fill in the remaining spaces with fillers and other jewelry of your choice. It can be brooches and crystals and large pearls.
Materials used:
White satin fabric
Purple satin fabric
Foam ball 5-6” in diameter
Organza fabric
Wooden sticks or preserved stems of roses
Jewellery, rhinestone ribbon
White satin ribbon, artificial filler flowers
Glue gun, thread and ribbon.

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