2022 Dates Available! Launcells Barton, Idyllic Wedding Venue In Bude, Cornwall

Choosing your wedding venue really is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding – you want a beautiful location, great space, fantastic food, opportunities to personalise your day and incredible backdrops for your wedding photographs.

But, let’s be honest, you want more than that too. You want a venue where people really care, where the staff are as passionate about weddings as you are and you want people you can trust who you know will go the extra mile. So, with all that in mind, you really need to look no further than Launcells Barton, an idyllic wedding venue in Cornwall, because there is no doubt how much these guys care about weddings.

Before we proceed, we want to let you know that Launcells Barton currently have a few dates available in July, August and September should you be interested in booking one of these dates for your wedding. But be quick!

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Before we speak to co-owner Lara, you need to know a little bit more about this amazing woman. Imagine being in the midst of a global pandemic and having to postpone your own wedding and working with hundreds of couples postponing theirs whilst trying to save your business (that also happens to be your home) and look after all the staff and suppliers that you have built amazing working relationships with.

Well, that was exactly the situation that Lara was in back in 2020 and we know that it was tough.

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We also know that Lara was not going to sit quietly and watch everything she loved and worked so hard for drift away so she went right to the top and ended up quizzing Boris Johnson at People’s Prime Minister’s Questions. Reader, she was excellent.

She stood up for her wedding, for her business, the weddings of her couples, her friends with wedding businesses and couples and suppliers she’ll never know and never meet. Lara was an absolute hero. We just wanted you to know that because she’ll never tell you herself. We’re all grateful to Lara.

Lara’s wedding at Launcells Barton
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So, let’s meet this extraordinary venue and find out more about Launcells Barton and if you’re dreaming of a gorgeous, rural wedding, with sea views, acres of space and oodles of charm then you’re going to fall hard for this venue.

And you’re also going to love the fact that you don’t even have to wait until next summer to get married there because they have some last-minute availability that puts a 2022 wedding right within your reach.

Enquire now about dates still available at Launcells Barton in July, Aug and Sept 2022

Over to Lara to introduce you to Launcells Barton…

“Hi there, I’m Lara, and my husband and I own and run Launcells Barton, a family-run exclusive use wedding venue in Cornwall and have done since 2016 when we welcomed our first weddings.”

“We renovated the old family farm, which was no small undertaking and put everything into creating an exclusive use wedding venue in the gorgeous Cornish countryside, which means our couples can feel like they have a home away from home for the duration of their celebrations.”

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“We are still a working organic farm and have big projects running at the moment, to preserve wildlife and help the environment. So keep an eye out across the farm for beautiful wildflower meadows and herbal lays.”

“Keeping the farm and buildings sustainable and in the family has always been at the forefront of our decision to start the venue and it’s our love of the place that keeps us going and keeps that personal touch that our couples love. We’re a small team, but we’re also very passionate about everything we do.”

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After the stress of the pandemic and having to postpone your own wedding, you got married at the venue yourself in summer last 2021 – what makes it so special for weddings at that time of year?

“To the honest, every time of year is just beautiful and I have to admit until we moved down here in 2015, I had never really noticed the wonderful changing of the seasons and just how beautiful the countryside really is, but seeing the flowers come in to bloom, enjoying long sunny days and the stunning sunsets of summer, with a Pimms in your hand and music playing in the background, it’s a feeling I look forward to every year.”

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What options are available for couples at Launcells Barton in terms of spaces for ceremonies and receptions and even accommodation?

“Launcells Barton is set in just over 220 acres of rolling Cornish countryside, so from every angle, you have beautiful countryside views. We have two ceremony options, one outside in our beautiful walled garden and one inside in the gorgeous rustic Mill Barn.”

We also have our separate reception barn that looks out over our main lawn, which seats up to 200, and was specially designed for your meal and dancing into the night.”

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“The reason that we have separate barns is because firstly, you never know what the weather is going to do, so if you planned for a ceremony outside and it looked a bit grey you can move everything inside and follow with your welcome drinks, meaning no one has to be outside and your reception styling doesn’t have to be moved about either.”

“The second reason is so that you can set up both your ceremony and reception the day before, knowing everything is done and you have nothing left to do on your wedding day other than enjoy your day and let us coordinate everything for you.”

“We have accommodation in the Manor house for up to 15 and being so close to Bude, there is an abundance of accommodation that surrounds us.”

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Is there a particular style of summer wedding that works well at your venue or is it a great backdrop for any celebration?

“The thing that we love about what we do is the fact that every wedding is so different, we love walking in on the morning of a wedding and seeing how beautifully the place has been styled. Whether couples go for bright vibrant colours or neutral greens and whites, it always looks amazing.”

“I would say that the venue has such amazing views and backdrops, that you really don’t need to go overboard and sometimes the simple elegant touches are what really makes the venue shine!”

“The other thing I love about summer weddings, is the outside space, the atmosphere of acoustic music in the garden during welcome drinks as people nibble canapés and sip drinks and the sound of people laughing and cheering as they play garden games on the lawn.”

“We also offer couples a tractor ride across the farm during sunset, so they can see the incredible views as the sun sets into the sea and not only do they get some incredible photos with their photographer, but it means they take a bit of time just the two of them, soaking in the day and taking a breather.”

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Tell us a little bit about some of the memorable summer weddings that you’ve hosted – what have couples done or included that really stuck in your mind?

“The main things that stick in my mind are the relaxed, love-filled weddings, where everyone has come together to celebrate and be there for the love of that couple. My advice to couples is always; the main things you need at a wedding are good people, good food, and good music, everything else will fall into place, but if you create a great atmosphere for your guests, then you will have a great day too!”

“I have to share a couple of snippets of feedback from some of our couples too because I think these say it all. This is from one couple – ‘we felt as if we’d always known you, and as if we really belonged there, which is exactly the vibe we wanted for the wedding.”

Enquire now about dates still available at Launcells Barton in July, Aug and Sept 2022

“You were so lovely and helpful in the run-up and on the day- Lara you fitted in like a wonderfully helpful guest, and Matt thank you so much for the tractor ride up into the fields to see the sunset!’”

“And these words from another couple really make me smile – ‘It is difficult to put into words just how much we feel you contributed to us making our weekend so special. Always on hand to answer our many questions, accommodating to our parents and suppliers, ready to give considered advice (that was always spot on!), your calm, professional, experienced and flexible approach meant that we had the day of our dreams.”

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So, if couples are now thinking that Launcells Barton this summer sounds more than perfect, as a recent bride yourself, what advice would you give to make the planning process that much easier?

“Having had almost three years to plan our wedding, albeit it was our third date, if I had my time again, I would have just married that same year.”

Having so much time to mull things over and question things, meant that I overthought everything and unfortunately it meant that some of our loved ones couldn’t be with us due to ill health and pregnancies.”

“We’ve had many couples who booked within 6 months of their date, either through a change of plans or in one case a Marine that was being deployed and needed to marry before he went away and every single one of those weddings has without fail been amazing, relaxed and beautiful.”

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We even worked with a couple last year that did it all in three months. We have an amazing recommended supplier list of local suppliers and we are here to help as much as we can, either in person, over Zoom or on the phone”

“We’ve had couples that have planned their weddings from all over the world, one couple planned from Australia having never even visited the venue until 3 days before, and actually, it was one of our most special weddings!”

“We have such an incredible wedding community in Cornwall, who all work amazingly hard to make sure every wedding is special and they will bend over backwards to help where they can, so rest assured, if you want to plan your big day for this summer, it is completely and utterly possible and you will be enjoying the beautiful countryside and long summer days surrounded with all your friends and family in the most relaxed and wonderful way!”

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So, tell us about the summer dates that you have available…

“Due to a couple of unavoidable cancellations, we have a few dates available in July, August and September this year.”

“All dates are two nights exclusive weekend hire and include, accommodation for 15, a fully staffed and stocked bar, expert on the day coordination and exclusive use of the venue and grounds. You can see everything that’s included on our website.”Finally, for everyone that loves the thought of getting married this summer, in such a fabulous location, what are the next steps?

“If you’re thinking of a summer wedding in Cornwall, just get in touch through our website or give the office a call on 01288 352352.”

“You can either visit us for a show around or we can arrange a virtual one. We look forward to hearing all about your plans!”

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