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How to find your dream wedding dress? Tips and Basic Guide | Wedding Preps ep.7

As a young girl, I grew up watching the TV Series “Say yes to the dress.” It was unreal to be finally experiencing that special moment in my life. As in? Mao na gyud ni? Hahaha. Although it didn’t go as smooth as how I wanted it to be, I definitely felt that “This is it!” moment when I tried on the Wedding Dress of my dreams.

I never had anyone to share this excitement with. The planning. The research. The tiniest details. The frustrations. The specifics of my dream dress. I thought it was too much burden to consult or share these things to my family and friends. I didn’t want to bother anyone, so I kept it to myself. Kayo din ba? Hahaha

But I figured how tough the journey was for me. Imagine not having something to wear 30 days before the wedding day?! and it’s my own wedding. Crazy right?! There might be some brides out there feeling the same way. So now, I am sharing my takeaways and realizations to help other brides as well. I hope you find this helpful! 🙂

Happy planning!


Video clips by: Angel Jolito & @Janloyd Largo

Special thanks to my Madz of Honor Shem & entire entourage who assisted me on this journey and syempre to my supportive husband. Also, to Sir Rap and the rest of the staff at Mark Joseph Sayad Couture, where I got my Wedding Ceremony gown, for being sooo patient with me. And to Aries Buenvenida Atelier, where I got my Wedding Reception dress, for accommodating me, and for adjusting it for me. I owe you big time!

#oRIGIEnallyYoursSHANE #pandemicwedding


01:29 – Things I considered before deciding on the style
06:08 – Detailed guide on comfort & style
10:25 – Trying-on wedding gowns
17:20 – I say yes to this dress!
18:03 – I say yes to another dress!
18:24 – Key take aways & tips
20:09 – Tips from the groom
22:22 – Outro

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