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For someone who spent 600 years to be able to afford my very first mannequin/dress form, I treat mannequins and dress forms as my babies. Is there anyone else like me? Lol.
This is how this wedding dress could have cost me my treasured possession: MY MANNEQUIN!! if I hadn’t come up with this very safe and inexpensive way of gumming on my dress form/mannequin without making a mess out of it. In the past, I struggled with choosing between using my dress form to attach accessories or messing it up…I was left with no option than to use it anyways and create a mess here and there…it hurts especially as these forms are made of cloth and foams that are strongly attached to the frame, thereby making it impossible to wipe off stains or even wash, so you are left with no choice than to put up with a terrible looking dress form/mannequin with dashes of gum marks and cuts.
I see lots of dress form/mannequin online and I can’t help to shed a tear on their behalf, it’s obvious most people don’t pay mind to these objects. How sad!😰
This video is a sign you should treat your dress form/mannequin with care. If you’ve misused your mannequin to an unredeemable stage and you’re currently murmuring under your breathe how this tip might be coming too late, well it’s NOT TOO LATE, you can start treating it right till you get another. I bet you don’t want to showcase a banging dress on a very poor looking mannequin!😀
So make sure you watch this video till the end. And share it with your friends who you know might need this.
For newbies who are stuck with choosing between a dress form (pin-able one) or display mannequin, which to go buy first, I usually advice you go for a dress form as it serves different purpose; it can serve as a display for your outfits and also for pinnacle functions like draping and lots more. After getting a dress form, you can now graduate to get a display mannequin. I hope this answers your unasked question.
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This Video was shot with an iPhone
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